5 questions with Sunayna Tuteja, Head of Digital Assets & DLT | TD Ameritrade

By: Rebecca Clinton-Floyed

29, October, 2020


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Hear from our sponsors Sunayna Tuteja, Head of Digital Assets & DLT | TD Ameritrade


  1. How is your company applying blockchain/ exploring digital assets &
  2. What were the biggest challenges, &/or benefits, in using blockchain technology?



At TD Ameritrade, we believe it is important for incumbents to explore and engage with both blockchain the technology and bitcoin the emerging asset class. Our three-pronged thesis forms the basis of our strategy and overall approach at TD Ameritrade:


  1. It’s in our DNA. Since our genesis over 45 years ago, we’ve been driven by the mission of bringing Wall Street to Main Street — empowering everyday consumers to access capital markets and take charge of their financial health. By delivering best-in-class platforms, technology and education, we are proud to have played a role in democratizing investing. We are continuously looking at ways to expand our offering in ways that bring additional value to our clients and the industry. Exploring digital assets is a logical continuity of that mission.


  1. It’s an opportunity to solve persistent problems and create new business adjacencies. With the rapid proliferation and adoption of new consumer-facing innovations, something at first deemed a novelty can quickly become a necessity. We’ve witnessed similar adoption curves in financial services, e.g. the rise of passive investing, the adoption of mobile banking/trading, etc. Hence it behooves us to explore these emerging capabilities through our clients’ eyes and commercialize the opportunity in a way that solves problems and unlocks meaningful value for clients.


  1. Our approach is guided by client demand. Persistent and consistent feedback from our clients has been the most important catalyst in defining our strategy and approach. While at the onset the demand emerged from our active trader segment, we now see that demand for education and access to digital assets extends to retail investors and the RIA community.


Q3 What is your company’s roadmap for the rest of 2020 and what should we expect to see from your team in the next 12 months. 

Q4 How are you seeing the rate of adoption of crypto assets in the last couple of months?


Our roadmap for 2020 and beyond can be segmented into the following three areas:


1/ Products and Services >>

For the clients we serve, entry into digital assets is largely driven by pragmatic reasons such as asset allocation and portfolio diversification. Our product and platform design strategy is focused on scale, security, choice, and usability. We want to empower an individual investor to engage with crypto markets with on-ramps and instruments that are analogous to their experience with traditional markets. Whether a managed product, spot trading or derivatives, our clients should have a similar suite of choices, complemented with a rich repository of education, to make the decision that best fits their financial goals.


2/ Partnerships and Venture Investments >>

As we assess engagement with any new technology, we apply the following litmus test: What is the problem we are solving? Why is this problem worth solving? Why are we/this technology uniquely qualified to solve this problem? Tackling these questions at the onset ensures a purpose-driven deployment vs. innovation theater.


Engaging with blockchain at large, we believe we can add value to the ecosystem by bringing the strength of our core competencies and scale but we recognize that there is a lot we can learn from the community and new entrants about the network. In that spirit, the value of partnerships, co-creation and investments to create a force multiplier effect is immense.


3/ Education and Advocacy >>


Digital assets is appealing to a diverse array of market participants for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the early entrants who invested and engaged with the network were more technical and guided by the ideology, whereas for the new wave of market participants, inclusive of many of our clients, it’s a pragmatic investment decision as they seek portfolio diversification and/or uncorrelated asset allocation.


Similar to the ethos that’s guided our approach in the traditional markets, we strive to break down barriers and enable seamless, secure on-ramps to digital assets, and empowering the client to make a choice that best fits their goals. We’ve always maintained that a well-informed investor is a confident, smarter investor. With digital assets, we believe education is even more paramount given the its nascency and perceived complexity. Our clients span the spectrum of crypto-savvy, crypto-curious, and crypto-skeptics and with credible and approachable educational content, we strive make crypto less intimidating and create a big tent that is inviting to a diversity of market participants.



  1. Who is your hero/mentor in this space: what lessons have you learned from them and how have you applied them in your career?



The majority of my career has been at the nexus of finance, tech and policy which brings together a diversity of experiences, talents and perspectives. What I cherish most about this space is the quality and quantity of women taking the lead – as founders, operators, advisors, investors, women are at the forefront of making blockchain and digital assets real and building for the future. This inclusive community of women inspire me, challenge me, guide me and are the best advocates and sponsors anyone can ask for. Here’s to the women of crypto… Onwards & Upwards!


Our world series conferences are constantly evolving to meet the demands of our current global situation and the blockchain ecosystem. Find further information on our Blockchain Expo North America Virtual conference here. We hope to see you at the Blockchain Expo Europe taking place Virtually on 25-26th November 2020 and Blockchain Expo Global 17-18th March 2021 at Olympia London.


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