Lisa Boussard discusses education and regulation as biggest blockchain challenges

By: jmevans

26, October, 2020


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Hear from one of our top speakers Lisa Boussard, Product & Marketing Team Leader from Scorechain:


  1. How is your company advising on blockchain/ exploring digital assets?



We are in the digital ecosystem since early 2015. We have advised many companies about the technology itself but mostly about cryptocurrency regulation. Blockchain is our DNA and the core of our business. We have a team of passionate people, trying to de-anonymise the public blockchains to bring trust. Our aim is to have broader adoption of this new asset because we strongly believe in its potential.


  1. What were the biggest challenges for people dabbling in this new sector?



I would definitively say education and regulation. Education because this is a fast-growing sector, meaning that we can learn every seconds lots of information and it is hard to stay up do date especially if people don’t have a technical background. Then regulation because without investors and players protection, this new economy can be a far-west remake. I think now governments have understand that those 2 pillars are really important and we need to move fast for greater adoption.



  1. What is your company’s roadmap for the rest of 2020 and what should we expect to see from your team in the next 12 months?



We serve companies worldwide which offer a huge diversity of services. Our aim is to improve and to develop more compliance features to decrease the regulatory burden in terms of cost and to save our customers’ time. We will improve our Case Manager, design new compliance reporting functions and of course continue working on our database which is key to our solution’s quality. In 12 months we hope to onboard more financial players as clients and to assist their compliance team to design new internal controls for digital assets. 



  1. How are you seeing the rate of adoption of crypto assets in the last couple of months?



We see now a strong interest from the traditional financial market towards cryptocurrencies. Some years ago their focus was more into Blockchain Technology itself but now it is interesting to see the switch for cryptocurrencies. I think this is because of the upcoming regulation: frameworks bring trust and that was the missing piece. The perfect example is the rise of CBDC (central banks digital currencies).


  1. Who is your hero/mentor in this space: what lessons have you learned from them and how have you applied them in your career?



I don’t have any personified mentor as part of Satoshi Nakamoto (laugh). I’d rather say that I am always impressed by companies success stories such as the Ethereum Foundation with tremendous work around smart contracts that could literally change the way we live or Ripple that is disturbing the financial industry. The biggest learn is that innovation that meet customers wishes is key. This is what I am trying to apply to my career: listen to my customers is my priority to make product they need by going beyond boundaries if necessary. 


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