David Haver discusses blockchain as a tool to combat COVID-19

By: jmevans

26, October, 2020


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Hear from one of our top speakers David Havera | Blockchain Leader | GE Aviation:


  • How is your company applying blockchain?


Today we are primarily using blockchain to combat COVID-19 with our Wellness Trace solution.

Wellness Trace is a blockchain application that was designed to help the aviation industry get back up and running after COVID-19 struck. The application can be used to track people’s medical screening results, object sanitation, and more. With the use of this application, organizations within the aviation industry can maximize occupancy while still adhering to regulations and protocols, improve customer trust and confidence, and prepare for the second wave of COVID-19 to avoid shutdowns.

You can find more information about the solution at this url: https://geaviation.com/WellnessTrace


  • What were the biggest challenges, &/or benefits, in using blockchain technology?


The biggest benefits are that its flexible and 80% use case agnostic. The biggest challenge of blockchain is establishing it as a mainstream technology.


  • What is your company’s roadmap for the rest of 2020 and what should we expect to see from your team in the next 12 months?


You should expect more customers being onboarded to our Wellness Trace solution.  In addition, we will continue working on our traditional track and trace supply chain offering and will be focused on gaining more customers in this space.


  • How are you seeing the rate of blockchain projects move from pilot to production? When do you think blockchain could become a mainstream technology?


We believe that Wellness Trace will solidify blockchain as a mainstream technology in the aviation industry and spur adoption across multiple use cases. In just 4 months, we’ve begun commercial discussions with numerous airports and airlines around the world, as well as other companies outside the aviation industry. We currently have 3 paid POCs in place and over the next few months expect to see more customers adopt the solution.


  • Who is your hero/mentor in this space: what lessons have you learned from them and how have you applied them in your career?


Erik Arokszallasi (CEO of TE FOOD) – Erik has been a mentor to me for years and has taught me how to win by always putting the customer first.  He has also taught me how to invent, innovate, and close deals with customers.  I am fortunate enough to work with Erik as a partner on the Wellness Trace application.


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