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By: jmevans

27, January, 2020


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 Alex Nascimento Founder – Blockchain at UCLA | Co-Founder UCLA | 7CC Blockchain Investments is hosting a workshop on the Crypto & Digital Asset Investment track Day 1. Find out what tickets we have to offer here


[Los Angeles, California, January 20,  2020] Alex Nascimento, MA, MBA – Blockchain faculty member at UCLA, will be releasing a special promotion for his book on Blockchain digital security token offerings (STOs) on Monday – January 27th, 2020.


The book has been adopted into the UCLA curriculum as well as in multiple universities and colleges across the globe. With the collaboration of over 30 blockchain industry experts, The STO Financial Revolution book provides priceless insight into how companies, investors and entrepreneurs can effectively utilize Blockchain technology to gain competitive advantage and fundraise in the global landscape of the booming blockchain market. The book has been presented at multiple Blockchain Conferences around the globe and has been sponsored by some of largest global STO blockchain companies such as, Polymath.


As a book contributor and one of the industry’s most forward thinking Blockchain experts – Sandra Ro, CEO – Global Blockchain Business Council, and responsible for introducing Bitcoin into the Chicago Mercantile Exchange – mentioned; “Next generation of capital formation will change the way entrepreneurs and young companies can raise money to fund the next great ideas.”


The book The STO Financial Revolution – 2nd Edition will be available for free on a special promotion on Monday – January 27th, 2020 on Amazon – Download it here:


Alex Nascimento is a guest speaker at Blockchain Expo Global Series and will be leading a workshop about Security Tokens at the event in March, 2020.



About Author: Alex Nascimento, MA, MBA is an author, faculty member and Co-founder of Blockchain at UCLA where he lectures on Blockchain Business Applications and Security Tokens in addition to his role of Managing Director of 7CC – Blockchain Investments, a company focused on supporting & fostering the Blockchain industry.  Alex got his MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and has developed training, marketing & blockchain strategies for companies in the United States, Latin America and Asia. Alex can be found lecturing at UCLA and speaking at main Global Blockchain conferences and Corporate events worldwide demystifying tokenization of securities issuance and investments on the blockchain for business leaders and entrepreneurs.