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By: Rebecca Clinton-Floyed

8, November, 2019


Blockchain -


1. Could you define what your job role details and how your day to day routine involves blockchain?

I am Thomas Arul, Co-Founder & CEO of Bleumi Inc (, a leading Blockchain Products and Services company based out of Boston, USA. My day to day routine is to educate the benefits of blockchain to businesses and provide strategic guidance from both a business and technology perspective to navigate the complexities of blockchain implementation.

2. What product’s Bleumi has in Blockchain?

Bleumi has launched two products:

  1. Bleumi Pay (, a non-custodial payment processor for cryptocurrencies (including US Dollar backed stablecoins like Tether, USDC, PAX, TrueUSD, DAI, etc.) that enables businesses and merchants to have absolute control over their funds. With Bleumi Pay, you can accept quick and secure global payments on your website, email or in-person for only a fraction of the conventional payment gateway fees.
  1. Bleumi Invoice ( allows anyone to create and manage unlimited invoices from anywhere. You can also save time and effort by getting your invoices paid in stablecoins using Bleumi Pay

3. What can we expect from your team in the next 12 months?

As of today, Bleumi Pay supports Ethereum’s ERC-20 token payments. In the next 12 months, we will deliver all payment use cases (like Bleumi Invoice) to be the only crypto payment processor for your business. Also, we will be adding support for other blockchain platforms (like Algorand, Bitcoin, Facebook’s Libra, Stellar and so on) in Bleumi Pay.

Our Blockchain Strategy services   is working with Enterprises to evaluate and implement Blockchain Products.

4.What are you most looking forward to at the show?

To educate people with an overview of Blockchain  & Digital Currency, and how easy it is to transfer payments without any financial intermediaries taking a chunk of your money. We have a Bleumi Booth (No. 699) and I am looking forward to connecting with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and customers who are interested in solving real-world issues using Blockchain.

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