5 questions with Alex Nascimento | Managing Director – 7CC Blockchain Investments | Co-Founder & Faculty – UCLA Blockchain LAB

By: Rebecca Clinton-Floyed

24, October, 2019


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5 questions with Alex Nascimento | Managing Director – 7CC Blockchain Investments | Co-Founder & Faculty – UCLA Blockchain LAB

Could you define what your job role details and how your day to day routine involves blockchain?

Alex Nascimento is a UCLA Faculty member teaching Blockchain Business Applications and Security Tokens. Aside from his passion for education and academia Mr. Nascimento, is also Managing Director at 7CC Blockchain Investments – an investment and advisory firm focused on fostering the Blockchain industry. 

How is your organisation applying blockchain?

At UCLA Alex Nascimento Co-founded Blockchain at UCLA a student and faculty group with over 150 members providing education and research for Blockchain projects and technology. Alex has been investing in Blockchain projects since 2015 and recently wrote the book The STO Financial Revolution – How Security Tokens Change Businesses Forever, a book that focuses on demystifying blockchain technologies and uncovering the potential of security tokens for non-technical entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

What were the biggest challenges for STO’s in the next 12 months?

STOs are definitely the future vehicle for companies to raise money and trade shares of ownership, however securities are a global heavily regulated environment that requires adaptation to the innovations of Blockchain technology. Thus, clear regulations on a global scale, a common token standard and a wide product offering will certainly improve the adoption of STOs in the next 12 months.  

What can we expect from the market in the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months, we shall see greater STO offerings being done by large institutional players and private funds such as the largest investment bank in LATAM – Bank BTG Pactual and US private investment fund WAVE Financial. Moreover, issues of global compliance are also being solved by companies like Vertalo. We at 7CC are looking deeply into solutions to create a wider distribution os STOs on a global scale. Thus, I believe 2020 will be the year that we see great adoption of STOs from institutional and accredited investors.      

What are you most looking forward to at the show?

I am looking forward to connecting with industry leaders and entrepreneurs interested in issuing and distributing Security Tokens globally. We are also donating the book The STO Financial Revolution for every attendee on the Blockchain Expo conference. People can get a copy of the book at www.TheSTOFinancialRevolution.com and download it for FREE with the code: STOBOOK-BLOCKCHAINEXPO 

Find Alex chairing on Day 1, 11.20am on the Crypto & Digital Asset Investment stage

Panel: Traditional Investment vs. Tokenisation

  • The benefits & shortcomings of institutional investment 
  • Crypto as a new asset class
  • The fall of the ICO: The rise of the STO & IEO 
  • Regulation: Forming the market place 

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