5 Questions with Tomer Niv – Business Development Manager – eToroX

By: jmevans

28, May, 2019


Blockchain -

5 Q Tomer Niv 1

1. Could you define what your job role details and your day to day routine?

I’m heading the Business Development of eToroX, meaning that I need to define our business strategy and build revenue units with different stakeholders within the company and business partners. On my day to day routine, I’m managing the relations with market makers, corporate trading partners, and financial institutions, creating the listing policy and strategy of our tokens road map and developing new services for our clients.

2. How is your organization applying blockchain?

We released ten tokenized assets on the Ethereum blockchain: Eight fiat currencies and two commodities.

We anticipate expanding this offering significantly over the coming months. In fact, we foresee trading of non-financial asset classes such as artwork or real-estate traded amongst commodities, currency, and securities.

Tokenizing digital assets on the blockchain translates directly into added value for our clients. Not only can traders expect instant settlement of global trades. They simultaneously gain full and uncompromisable ownership of any digital asset in their possession.

3. What were the biggest challenges in using this technology?

Blockchain technology is highly promising for reasons of both practical, and ideological, nature. 

At present, the obvious challenge is scalability and interoperability of public and decentralized infrastructure. However, given recent developments in and outside the crypto-space, we see significant potential for mitigating these issues in the short-and-long term. As the technology matures, we expect to see increasing acceptance of public blockchain infrastructure, as standards and certifications equivalent to existing practices in the conventional financial services emerge.

4. What can we expect from your team in the next 12 months?

Listing more cryptocurrencies and tokenizing more assets such as securities, adding margin and leverage trading and keep building and strengthening our product.

5. What are you most looking forward to at the show?

Meeting and hearing the Enterprise and Banking participants – they can easily help the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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