How Moyee Coffee is introducing Blockchain to radically improve the lives of coffee farmers across the world.

By: Killian Stokes and Shane Reilly co-founders of Moyee Coffee Ireland and UK

23, April, 2019


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Radically Good Coffee with Radical Impact

At Moyee Coffee, we’ve got a radical plan to create a FairChain of supply for the coffee industry. Our magic ingredient is Blockchain technology: from forest to cup, totally honest, open and fair.

The world consumes approximately 2 billion cups of this dark gold every day, and annually coffee is an industry worth $100 billion. Despite its popularity, 90% of the world’s coffee farmers and their families (that’s 90 million people) earn less than $2 a day.


We’re Moyee Coffee, a small coffee producer that roasts our coffees at point of origin. Yes, that’s right, we roast our coffee in Africa and ship it back ready for market. We grow all our coffee beans in forests, their natural habitat, so we don’t destroy the forests to make way for intensive farming in fields. Instead, we work with our farmers to increase their yields. Which means our CO2 emissions are roughly 4 kg, instead of 11 kg, per kilo of coffee. We create five times more local jobs, promote land reform and protection of the forests, we upskill farmers and strive to shift ownership of resources and value-adding activities back into farming communities. At a practical level, we are training our farmers in sustainable, organic agricultural practices to help them improve the quality of their coffee and double their yields, while protecting the forests where they live. Our goal is to move our farmers from $400 a year to more than $1,000, to help them earn a living wage.



Our ridiculously ambitious goal is to become the first FairChain company in the world. We did not start Moyee to sell coffee. We started Moyee to change the face of the coffee industry through radically changing the way coffee is grown, produced, distributed and sold. FairChain is a radical principle that aims to balance the scales. Our goal is to create a 50/50 balance between the coffee producers (them) and the coffee drinkers (us). Blockchain is a major part of our strategy in realising this goal.


We’re doing things differently at Moyee Coffee. Blockchain enables us to create what we call a FairChain for Coffee. We’re designing our supply using BlockChain to create a digitised value chain with positive impact and 100% transparency. We will record and capture data on every transaction from the farmer to your cup. The hardest part is managing the first mile (farmers) and the last mile (customers).


For the first mile, we’re giving our farmers mobile wallets, tap cards, unique ID numbers and barcodes so we can pay them digitally. We’re geotagging their farms and our washing station to prove the location.



For the last mile, we’re placing QR codes onto the side of our coffee bags; customers can scan the codes to see who gets paid what, and the carbon footprint, to show our impact on the environment too. Blockchain will, we hope, help us to engage with our customers more, giving them more control to make an impact with us. We’ve even created a way for customers to make a direct impact – we’re putting digital loyalty tokens (using the QR codes) on the packs which can be monetised. They can take a discount off their next order, or share the love back up the supply chain to ‘tip the farmer’ – to support the farmer coop, help fund a microloan, or pay for seeds, tools, or farmer training.



Oh, and we almost forgot to say that our coffee tastes radically good too! Unsurprisingly, coffee grown in the forests is top notch quality. It’s part of the magic of growing less intensively alongside citrus trees for flavour, biodiversity and taste – now that’s another interesting story! We operate mainly in the B2B coffee supply market in the UK and Ireland, with big plans to move into retail in the future.

Explore more by attending the Blockchain Expo Global event @ London Olympia 25-26th

Blockchain Expo Europe will also take place at RAI, Amsterdam on 19-20 June 2019. Blockchain Expo North America will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the heart of Silicon Valley on 13-14 November 2019.

Blockchain Expo Europe will also take place at RAI, Amsterdam on 19-20 June 2019. Blockchain Expo North America will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the heart of Silicon Valley on 13-14 November 2019.